Wednesday, July 15, 2009

boku no namae wa joker des~

The first time I watched Dark Knight was almost a year ago, and during the time, I dun feel much bcoz I took it as entertainment and watching it for fun coz evybody's seen it but me. This is the 2nd time I watch this movie again, few days ago, smhow my judgements were difrent now, which I would like share my views here.

If you feel that Joker is a villain, Batman as an American hero, Alfred is the friend to that American hero (a british)'re right, and wrong! Haha. Batman is NOT a hero in Dark Knight at all. Eventhough the movie title point directly to Batman..he isnt the "hero" in my eyes ANYMORE.

I'm just training myself to be more "realistic" (not meaning that I duwana be like the neo-noir Tim Burton with his dark background and full of mystery sort) But I guess I just want a brighter background and less comical. Duwan always be in Batman's hiding ground. I think this movie really show the world who exactly is this "Batman"

I just wana talk about Batman and Joker here..

Harvey Dent is a mirror to this capitalist political world who is finaly disappointed with the ugly world of politic, and under the advise of Joker, he FINALY became a "Pejuang Rakyat" (ppl who fight for the right of the citizen)

Batman is teh alterego of this human call Bruce a Capitalist who is very powerful in Gotham City.

Joker is NOT a villain or a terrorist! He is a PEOPLE'S HERO who fight like a gerilla. No need to pity those Gotham ppl who fell "victim" to Joker bcoz they are bastards who put money as top priority, plus they are Capitalist! When I see Joker attact Bruce Wayne's party, he is attacking the Capitalist. B4 taht, he also attacked the police and judge. For Joker (the people's hero) these police and judge are like the "wayang kulit" (shadow puppets) controlled by the Capitalists who rulez Gotham city (which is true!)

My friend was watching the movie with me at the time too when I mentioned abt Joker being a HERO. They asked me, how can I call him a Hero when he can murder a whole ferry full of ppl? Well...its bcoz they are Capitalists! And I guess I can see how selfish these ppl are also.

There are 2 ferry. One with normal citizens. The other is prisoners. How come the normal citizens are so selfish til can say they should blow up the ferry with the prisoners? What an easy desicion for them to make! For them, tehy have to live on so that they can continue having their Capitalist descendants. But for the prisoners, they were fighting and arguing...until come to apoint, one of them throw the key into the sea and that, in my eyes, they are leaving it in the hands of the Lord. They know that they are the victims of the Capitalist (create hardships of life to many ppl) and caused them to bcome criminals (I mean, how many ppl would bcome a criminal for fun anyways)

Joker's fight has frightened the Capitalists until Batman has to create a new weapon. This is the world of these godamn Capitalist --> WEAPONS. This is what I think why Batman didnt kill Joker, bcoz Batman needed Joker to test his weapon on. Without Joker, his weapon is useless and therefore canot make it into a profitfull business.

Then to why Joker dun work well with mafia.. Hey, dun forget that mafia are also from Capitalist. But just bcoz they are not official registered, thats why they are mafias. In the end, Joker killed all these mafias. If mafia is a crime, in this movie, so who destroyed these criminals? Police? Batman? No...Joker did. Joker's mission is damn big. He will destroy the Capitalist to the super core! Blowing up a hospital is not the meaning of lost of humanity, but its a symbol of destroying the Capitalists who "makan duit rakyat" (take citizen's money more than it should) and "makan RASUAH"

This film shows Joker at his best. And God bless Heath Ledger too. RIP. He has carried out the character who is one of the best HERO ever!

In Malaysia, its not much difrent from Dark Knight. I feel that UMNO is like the Capitalist. And PAS is the mafia. Najib is like Batman who wana be a hero to destroy those who disturbs his businesses. Batman with all his weapons and gadgets, isnt it same like him who always buy weapons? This movie can dedicate to Malaysia's geo-politic bcoz he is the "dark knight"

To Malaysians, we should take Joker as a Sensei. Learn his "perjuangan"...his fight. He fight the mafia first. We as the Rakyat, we attack pekida first then the police and judge then umno!

Especialy the chinese ppl come other ppl thinking we so "goyang kaki" here just bcoz this ethnicity has conquered most of the lands and businesses in this beloved country we call Malaysia. But that will be in another story in another post later...

Ehhemm..Why so serious? ~>_<~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the real terrorists...

Israel is currently bombing women, children, religious centers and civilian neighborhoods in Gaza. Because their victims are Muslim, they think they can hide behind the "War on Terror" excuse.

What the hell?!
Children should have the right to live without fear and hate...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Crazy dream staring Zacky V!! (no joke, this dream was crazy!)

Ok. Sleeping is one of my all time fave thg to do, and mainly is bcoz of some of my dreams which are kind of off the chains crazy. Start of the new year, I had one of the best dreams ever, thats why I wana write them down here! Serious! This latest dream of mine was one of my personal fav bcoz Zacky Vengeance was init!
(the following statement is a DREAM! I've never met Zacky V and there is NO WAY this dream is real)

Before I went to bed last night, I was watching my All Excess Avenged Sevenfold DVD especialy the music video "Seize The Day"...

Erg. This is embarassing, but REMEMBER, its a Dream, I can't control my dreams! goes~

Its about midnite, me and Zacky are sound asleep in bed. The setting is so beautiful, moonlight shining into our room from the big glass window next to the bed.

Zacky then wakes up and and looks over to the sound asleep me. He sits up and thinks for awhile. Then pull on his black hoodie jacket, black baggy jeans and Misfits cap and pull the hood over it. Before leaving, he stick a note on the mirror.

He lean over to me and kiss goodbye on my cheek. Then pull a black bandana over his face, until only his eyes show.

(like i said, its pretty much like Seize The Day music video))

Then Zacky grabs his baseball bat and rushed out of the apartment door. When he reached dwnstairs, M.Shadows, Synyster Gates, The Rev and Johnny Christ are waiting in their dark outfits. "You ready?" Shads asks.

"Yeah" Zacky says unhappily, as if regretting what he was about to do. "Lets just get this overwith..." Then they all go outside and pile into the car.

I heard the car screeching down the streets, I woke up and sit up in bed. I turn to my side and saw Zacky wasnt with me. "Where is he?" I said aloud and saw the note on the mirror Zacky left for me. I read it aloud : "Crystal, I know you dont want me to do it, and I really cared about you, but I have to. I promised the guys. Dont worry, this will be the last time I ever--" I didnt even finish reading it, I crumpled the note with a groan and ripped it up and threw it on the floor. I knew exactly what he was doing and I knew WHERE he was.

Johnny parked the car next to a drugstore and turned to the others, "Whats my role again?"

Shads rolls his eyes. "You watch. You know, for the police and shits."

"Man, why the fuck do I always gota watch??" Johnny complains, "You guys always get to do the fun shit and I always gota stare at the empty fuckin streets. Why?!"

Syn laughs, "Its bcoz youre the Johnny fuckin Christ."

The other laugh along, except for Zacky. "Can we we just do this already?" he grumbled, "I wana get this shit overwith..."

They all pile out of the car (except poor Johnny who grumbled to himself and peer around for unwanted visitors)

(REMEMBER this is a Dream...again...So of course it won't make sense in some parts. For example, its about midnite and the man is still working in the drugstore. Anyway...back to the dream..))

The boys burst through the door. Rev immediately look around the store and grab things and stuff them in his bag. Shads and Syn push the worker and begin kicking him. Zacky rushed to the cash register and busted it open with his baseball bat. Then he shove the money into a bag.
(Back to me.) I grab my car keys and get in the car. Then I started the engine and head towards the drugstore.

Shads and Syn finaly stop kicking the worker and rush to help Rev steal stuff THINKING that the cashier was dead from the many blows on the head. BUT he wasnt...without warning, the man pulls out a gun from his jeans and point it at Zacky (who was still putting the money into his bag) "FREEZE!!" the man screamed.

Without warning, i burst through the glass doors. I catched the man off guard and without hesitation, he aimed the gun at me and pull the trigger. I scream and fly back. Holding my chest and fall to the floor.

Zacky without thinking, tackles the man and start beating him repeatedly. The man, startled, drop the gun and put his hands over his face to avoid Zacky's blows.
Zacky took the gun and point it at the man's face, give an angry cry and blow the man's brains out. Then he turn to me and rush over to me. He held me in his arms and kissed my forehead. He looks up to the others who just stood and stared in shock. "Tell Johnny to start the car!" Zacky yelled, "We need to get Crystal to the hospital!"

The three just stood there.

"NOW!!" Zacky screamed pushing his palms on my wound trying to stop the blood flow.

"No way, dude." Rev said shaking his head, "If we take her to the hospital, then we'll have to tell em what happened..."

"SO??!!" Zacky wasnt thinking clearly. All he wanted was me to be okay.

"Yeah, that'll go perfect..." Syn said. Then he said in a sarcastic voice, "Yeah doctor, you see...we were robbing a drugstore and the cashier shot Crystal here. But please dont call the police on us!"

Zacky's face begin to turn red and he glared at Syn. "Get Johnny to start the car now!" He pointed the gun at Syn.

"Alright, dude, chill." Shads finaly pipes in.

They all piled into the car. Johnny sped off into the night.

Zacky kissed me. I could barely breathe and i couldnt keep my eyes open. "I love you, Zacky..."

(Gay, I know...but for the millionth time...ITS A DREAM!!!)

"You're gona be fine," Zacky said. He smiled to reassure me and tears streamed down his cheeks.

We reached the hospital. Zacky carried me in. The others followed.

(Unfortunately, I didnt make it. This next scene, is at my funeral...))

Everyone stood around my coffin. It was raining lightly and the sky was grey. Zacky stood in front of everybody, watching me being lowered into the ground. He removed his sunglasses and wiped his tears from his gorgeous green eyes.

Slowly people were leaving. Shads and Zacky were the last two to leave. Shads put his hands on Zacky's shoulder, "I'm sorry man, I realy am..." Then he walked away.

Zacky then drops some white roses on top of my coffin. And walked away...

Yep...That was my dream. Fuckin crazy as hell!!! But it was a sad, sick kind of way...Leave a comment and tell me what ya think!!