Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Jophaboia" (fear of cakes)

On 16th November 2010, the cops were evywhere to stop citizens of Malaysia having cakes to celebrate a month old of an online protest for the proposal of a 100-storey megatower. It was just a peaceful n fun cake party but smhow d authorities sees it as a threat. Lol. And the vice president of UTAR Dr. Teh claimed that "all gatherings of more than 5 ppl in a public premis with a specific intention is illegal". @_@"

I noticed that most of the ppl in d online protest missing smthg. Like evybody else, are stupified by the gov's better judgements. Nobody mention about acts that concerns with the written law and constitution. I was reli wondering is it true I can't walk outside with 5 ppl or more? If its true, then I can't go to class, work in a same office with evybody else, or just for jalan-jalan la?

So I juz check in the internet. Apparently many ppl before this has joked abt this act for a long time ady, but nthg serious has happen yet. I found out smthg, so sharing it here.

Police Act 1967 (section 27a) stated that any mass gathering of more than 10
persons without permit from the Ketua Polis Daerah (Chief District
Police) for the same specific reason is illegal. Gathering without permit
can only be held at private premis.

For ur info, there r no Police Act amendment for the past 40 years eventhough we have changed 3 prime ministers. PM Badawi created the Suruhanjaya PDRM, PM Najib has always care for the "transformasi" but nobody bother to amend the Police Act at all. I feel that it's a big misinterpretation of a very outdated law.


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