Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The reasons that made me so against the proposed Megatower Warisan superstructure project

Here are why..

I've stayed in the vicinity for more than half of my life with my (late) dad and mom. I used to live in a wooden squatter house with zinc roofs, the place was demolished long time ago, and the incident does left an impact of despair for my family, I was very young then but I felt the loss of my home environment to which I've grown accustomed to. My dad was always feeling sickly and weak to work, he never go for medical checkups because he feels we couldn't afford any future medical fees. He managed to secured us to several flats but things happened, we have to move many times. It was a stirring childhood I have. Finally we settled for a home we stay til today, and also some small hawkering business at several parts of this vicinity. I finally grew up, and I still live there bcoz my mom passionately so used to this place, the business she and my dad built remains our livelihood.

Over the years, the place changes, well..knowing KL, traffic condition. Erecting another 100 storey mega-tower will be disastrous. Traffic will be on daily basis, inmovable for hours.

But that is the least of my reasonings for my protest at the proposed project. People all around are disatisfied with the project bcoz it took such a massive fund. But not all people will feel what the people who actually made their livelihoods at the very place the proposed tower is. The knowledge came to me just last night, from smbody I talked to at the political lectures at my home. I can hear their loud mic from my room.

I have no intrest in politics whatsoever, but I realize I can't be in the dark all the times. What I found out triggered me to write this, I've not written my thoughts and fears like this for a long time.

Apparently they are erecting the tower very near to the place where we are trying to find the next mouthful of rice over Jalan Pudu. How come there is no news or people from the government properly come consult with the local communities here, the traders who made their livings at both sides of the road? Do they seriously think people here are like cows, so stupid til the government can shoo us go anytime they like and want? This is one of the oldest part of KL, too. I feel like the history is going to repeat itself again.

These few nights, there are politicians (I used to care not who the FUCKK are they!) coming to the place I stay for lectures. My place is governed by an opposition party. People who had been to my place in Pudu will know that the place is now swarming full of prostitutes from mainland China.

It took me alot courage to try chat to the one of the man who said he is the one who can take care of us if we vote him. At the same time I have to conserve my words else the syndicates ppl undercover there might mistook me for talking abt them, one of these days they might get me killed or harm my family.

To be frank, I'm just an ordinary person and I'm concerned abt what would happen to my family who might face further hardships if the gov continues to turn deaf ears to us. The huge fund RM5billion for the tower does sounds alarming. They keep saying that it's their own private bumiputra funds. When I heard that, I wonder where does their money come from? I've so many negative n ugly answers for that, but I will not put it like the deputy PM put it.

Do you know the Deputy Prime Minister said that we non-bumiputras are 'jealous' of the Malay progress, thats why we opposed the plan.

My mom always lament abt the ever rising prices of evything, its not that she loves to complains..but things do get out of hand and we do suffers losses. I keep wondering why is it all the local products we use on daily basis are the ones that keep getting more expensive. Why is the tax for evything is so high? What is the reason for this? And yet the bumiputras at the PNB said we non-bumiputras has nothing to do with the tower building.

I had so many incidents before that concerns with me n my family not being bumiputeras. Thats why I feel even more uncomfortable with them planning to build this thing. What would become of us in the future, its scary. Its like, the gov is making the law as a 'blank check'. They can do whatever they want for their benefits, regardless of how alot ppl from low n middle classes are suffering.

I feel like 'kerajaan didahulukan, rakyat dipermudahkan'. Feels more like dictatorship.

PS: The budget 2011 do has alot idea from the so-called 'first lady' of Malaysia. Why else would PM Najib said smthg so fucking stupid like this during such a serious presentation?
"The items that gets tax reduction for 2011 are handbags, children clothes, purse, golf balls, syampoo, curtains, tableclothes, blankets, tshirts, fake jeweleries, face powder Telco brand, hair dye, bra and underwears.."

@_@" so I get to buy cheaper bra and underwears next year huh??

We Malaysians cannot have freedom of speech and share thoughts for fear of ISA come finding us, even if its smthg important as much as a plea. Even having a peaceful cake eating ceremony at a public place is apparently illegal now according to the Vice President of UTAR. Cops will arrest u if ur more than 5 persons together.

I just hope they don't kick us out of our livelihood vicinity soon.

What does my future holds for me, my family n fellow Malaysians who face the same problems as I do..


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the picture appear on ur wall is FELDA tower btw...