Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lunarin - singapore progressive goth metal band

The Return of Evanescence! SOOOONNN!! Argh d waiting~~~ ≥"≤

In d meantime, I need some new songs to listen to coz I sudenly hv thiz mad-for-music so-called syndrome, I find it dificult to concentrate work without music..the silence n repetitive can reli hurt me n add to my headache.
So here's a band I accidentaly came across to from facebook's advertistment (d one at d rightside of ur screen) I saw diz band call Lunarin frm Singapore..n wat caught my eye was written there, their influence were A Perfect Circle, TOOL, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Tori Amos, Alice in Chains.
Checked out their musix..awesome2 stuff!~ (lol I'm in d mood 2 help promote them around, they're not much known yet in Malaysia)

Zero Point Red reli sound kind of like APC's Gravity. Lol. xD.. I listen over n over n I forgot wats d meaning of 'getting tired'. (note: DJ u hv to listen to this n tell me wat ya think.^^)
So, here r d links.
The last link above was latest album, they voted with their fans for a fav song frm Duae ][ n send tat song 2 various ppl for remix. Then, upload it free for all 2 dwnload. One of d nicest band u eva came across yet huh.^^
And here's how u can make ur anti-child sex trafficking heard n dwnload a great song at d same time!
]Say NO! to child porno!![
As for tat album The me its reli awesome creative juice. I juz got it.^^ listening to it now as I type tis post. xD.. (I think she sound like a female version of Maynard James Keenan.)
Enjoy da musix! ≥₀≤~

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